PathoRapid Test Salmonella, E-Coli

Batterie  Pathogenen Rapid Test
Pathogenen Rapidtest for Poultry, Salmonella und E-Coli

PathoRapid Test, sind 2 verschiedene versionen, eine für Geflügel bei Salmonella und E-Coli, andere bei Mastitis.

innerhalb von 20 Stunden bis 48 Stunden nachweis von Bakterien, kann bei Mastitistest klinisch und Subklinische Mastitis nachweisen.

Antibiotik Resistenz und Bakterien Test ist einen Test

PathoRapid Test are two different Test, one is for Poultry by Salmonella and E-Coli, the other one is for Mastitis

Test is from 20 with 48 Hour 


Haprodia BoviBad
Stainless steel Slotted tread plates allow dung to drop to the bottom of the bath, keeping the hoof in fresh chemical

 Depth marker to ensure optimum hoof overage without wasting chemical

Haprodia Hoofcleaner

Haprodia Hoofcleaner
Hoofcleaner is a patented complete system that reduces Digital Dermatitis and improves hoofcare.

Benefits of Haprodia Hoofcleaner

  • Reduces Digital Dermatitis
  • Patented and proven system that has been tested in practice
  • Complete system that washes the cow's hoof
  • Nutritional solution interferes as little as possible
  • No risk of infection transmission from cow to cow
  • Use only clean water
  • Minimal water consumption
  • Quick to assemble and incredibly user
  • Minimal cleaning and maintenance
  • The system works in freezing weather

By using Healthy

Haprodia LED tube

Haprodia LED Röhre
Save 60% on energy costs! Take advantage of green technology with quality.

The Haprodia LED tubes reduce the energy cost of bulbs to a minimum.

Immediate savings in electricity costs in switching to LED tubes is about 60%.

A very long lifetime of the LEDs up to 100,000 hours compared to conventional fluorescent tubes of max. 5000-7500 hours.

LED Technology can reduce costs a lot for example in the stable , warehouses ,office space -it can  be used anywhere.

Haprodia LED tubes do not produce UVA, UVB & IR radiation and have a very low heat - There are no more attracted insects.

Haprodia mastitis test

Haprodia Uddercheck
Haprodia Uddercheck enables the early identification of mastitis

The new rapid test Haprodia Uddercheck tests on lactate and gives early warning of mastitis.

Test results can be quickly and easily read within minutes with reference to the enclosed color chart.

Mastitis cases are discovered before they can occur properly.

Cows can be watched and analysed. Also therapies which are needed can be startet immediately.





Eurotier 2012 - Visitor record

Eurotier 2012 Haprodia GmbH
The international exhibition was a great success

Total 2445 exhibitors presented their products.

Approximately 160 000 visitors during four days. The atmosphere was very good with almost all exhibitors.

With 38.000 there were a lot more foreign visitors attended at the stands, as in past years.

The four-day exhibition Eurotier 2012 was essential, and the best event of its kind, was heard repeatedly.

For more information, pictures and video about Eurotier 2012:




Eurotier 2012

Eurotier 2012
Visit us at one of the world´s top event Eurotier 2012.

Eurotier starts 13 - 16 November in Hanover.
You can see our new products, get information and talk about hoofcare and udder hygiene.

Blue Comfort Spray + Gel

Blue Comfort Spray+Gel
Blue Comfort Spray + Gel is the new generation of high quality udder care

Available in Blue Comfort Spray and Blue Comfort Gel.

Ensures optimal udder health.

For more information, see "Products" --> "Udder hygiene"

The solution for hoof problems

Cowslipper angebracht
The veterinary association Westpoint in England has introduced a new video about hoofcare and treatment with hoof care products

The informative video shows detailed experiences in using hoofcare products like spot treatment with Cowslipper and herd treatment with footbath.