Reduce somaticcell
Masti Spray


Herbal product

Package size: 

Bottle 380 ml


MastiSpray is not a teatdip or uddergel, it is a therapy of the Teat, only the Teat from the inflame udder quater spraying (outside of the teat)

 MastiSpray using wen the milk is optic change or high somaticsell, only spraying the teat Minimum 10 days after milking, maximum 14 days

MastiSpray is a herbal skin conditioner for the teat, wat Teatdips not can do, less use of antibiotics, increased milk production.

When using MastiSpray you can continue milking.

it less use antibiotics with herbal therapy

Approximately 7 Treatments (7x Therapy) per Bottle