DiaCow rapid test for calves diarrhoea

Rapid test detecting Rota, Coronavirus, E-coli K99, Cryptosp.


DiaCow rapid test detecting after 15 minutes

Package size: 

6 Multi-Testcassettes incl Pipettes and drying pads , 12 Tupfer with Reagenz


DiaCow rapid test for Calves diarrhoea

Calf diarrhea poses a great health problem in herds, and therefore is a significant economic risk in cattle breeding.

The causes for dirrhea are multiple. Infectious and non-infectious factors can trigger the onset of calf scours. Non-infectious factor that may 

diarrhea include, among others, are hygienic conditions, the vitality of the calf´s immune system and the calf´s physical constitution.

DiaCalf is the original rapid diagnostic test by Calf diarrhoea.